Special Event Laser Show Baltimore, Maryland


Dynamic FX offers special event laser shows in Baltimore, MD. We also service the Baltimore metro area, including Columbia, Georgetown, and Waldorf. Dynamic FX will work with you on any aspect creating a truly unique special event laser show experience for your concert or special event.

Dynamic FX will provide a remarkable experience that will motivate and mesmerize your audience. Our high-power special event lasers will fill your concert with lasers, logo displays, and text based messages. We can and will do just about anything you can envision! Let our highly trained laser operators know what you want and they will make your vision come to life. It is truly your own original laser light show. We only use the very best special event lasers so anything you can think of we can do for you.

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Baltimore, MD Special Event Lasers
Laser Graphic Imaging Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Sound Stage C02 Effect
Baltimore Convention Center Laser Show
Power Plant Live! Concert Laser Show

Concert Lasers Baltimore, Maryland

Live concerts are very exciting, and Dynamic FX specializes in creating excitement! Music is paramount to get people to attend live concerts, but how do you captivate them once they enter the venue? Powerful concert lasers are an immense way to stimulate your guests and to make something extra memorable for the live concert. Our high-power lasers will fill the concert venue with a laser light show that will visually inspire your attendees. Dynamic FX will give your concert the presence of a very professional production, and will definitely amaze the attendees of your concert. It will turn any live music event into a spectacular and memorable concert experience. Help your live concert goers visualize the music with a laser light show that is professionally performed and coordinated to the music. Dynamic FX has worked some of the biggest music events in the U.S. and has been trusted to perform from live TV to tens of thousands attendees at large concert events.

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Power Plant Live! Concert Laser Show
Baltimore Sound Stage C02 Effect at Concert
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Baltimore Convention Center Laser Show