Special Event Laser Shows Las Vegas, Nevada


Every special event needs some form of excitement that inspires your guests to remember your special event and talk about it after it’s over. Dynamic FX excels at providing laser light shows that perfectly suit the needs of your special event. Dynamic FX offers services for laser light shows and laser light show equipment in Las Vegas, Nevada. We service Freemont Street, The Strip and any Las Vegas venue or Casino. We also provide laser light shows in the metro area of Las Vegas including Henderson and Paradise. We can provide special laser light shows in Reno or anywhere in Nevada.

Our RGB lasers that are made for special events will be the talk of the room if you want them to be. The quality laser light shows we offer captivate your special event attendees and get them talking. Dynamic FX’s lasers can also be an ambient aspect that blends in to your special events and add a quiet dazzling aspect. Laser shows in the air are beautiful to the eye but our top-quality lasers are able to outline logos and text or trace the outline of set pieces, sculptures or other physical objects. You thought video mapping was cool? Laser mapping at special events is stunning!

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Concert Lasers in Las Vegas, Nevada


Dynamic FX is intentional in the laser brands we choose to work with. We want to be sure your lasers up to snuff and able to hold up through your live show no matter the conditions. Small show, large show, arena, club, festival, corporate event, civic event, art shows, fashion shows, casinos, specialty acts, weddings, wild parties, broadcasts, whatever gathering your involved in Dynamic FX wants to help you bring your event to the next level and make you and your audience wow with laser lights. Our team is incredibly self-sufficient, we bring everything necessary to illuminate your live event with lasers and the extra stress on your concert production is negligible. Live Concert lasers are one of the most thrilling additions you can add to a live music even. Unsure of where laser light shows will fit in your concert show? We can find the perfect place for a laser light show in any event, just contact us and let us help you envision it.

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