Special Event Lasers San Francisco, California


The City of San Francisco, CA is a beautiful city. The special events in the Bay Area are beautiful as well. How do you make it so your special event doesn’t fade in people’s memories as time goes on? Dynamic FX can help you create a special event laser show worth remembering in San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Concord, and all of California. Special event laser light shows would be hard to perfect in a lot of cases but Dynamic FX is expert at making that process happen for you and your special event attendees. We handle all of the paperwork, safety, and permits for your special event laser show and all you have to do is hire us for to bring our laser show to your event.


Special event lasers can be used in many different creative ways to inspire your special event attendees to remember your event.  Special Event RGB lasers are appealing; people stare at them for hours at special events and never get tired of the pretty patterns our high-powered special event lasers will shine over the heads of your event guests. First time laser show clients are blown away and turn into return clients when our special event lasers set the mood for their party, event, celebration or conference.

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The Regency Ballroom Concert Laser Light
The Fillmore Epic Concert Laser Light Sh
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Concert Lasers San Francisco, California


Stimulation is already high at live concerts. Bright, high-powered concert lasers are a great way to elate your audience and improve their concert experience when they’re already overwhelmed with amusement. Our concert laser shows shine bright over head or project on to a surface. Our concert laser lights can draw logos and text or outline a surface. All these creative concert laser options are available to you and your live show in affordable packages. We are just one call or one email away from providing you one of the most immersive concert production aspects with lasers.


Laser light shows will knock your socks off. Concert goers respond positively to lasers and always want to see more of them at your live San Francisco concert. Laser light shows are the future of the live music industry visual entertainment. Our cutting-edge laser technology is ready to execute your unique and thought to be impossible concert laser design ideas.

Laserface at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco
Special Event Laser Show San Francisco CA
The Regency Ballroom Concert Laser Light Show
The Fillmore San Francisco Epic Concert Laser Light Show
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San Francisco, CA Concert Laser Light show