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Holiday Laser Light Shows

Celebrate the holiday with a laser light show from award-winning laser provider Dynamic FX! We offer premium, family-friendly laser shows and special effects services for any holiday or celebratory occasion, including religious, national, and local holidays. Whether you're planning for a civic or municipal event, non-profit organization, corporate party, or private gathering, our professional laser technicians have the training and experience to set your indoor or outdoor event apart.


We provide the option of choosing from our collection of pre-made holiday laser shows or letting our ace laser show designers customize a display to your specifications. Best of all, we will work with you to handle all technicalities, such as power, audio, and permits before the show, assuring the planning process is worry-free and that your holiday laser show is guaranteed dazzling and safe entertainment for your guests!

Holiday Lasers | Holiday Laser Light Show - Bridgeport, CT

Holiday Lasers | Holiday Laser Light Show - Bridgeport, CT

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Lasers for All Special Occasions

Before arranging our displays, we consistently conduct thorough checks to ensure that each laser is primed for optimal performance. Our dedicated team meticulously attends to all setup intricacies, ensuring the secure positioning of laser fixtures and precise targeting for maximum safety. Beyond crafting our presentations, our team of expert laser technicians stands ready to assist with any queries or requests you may have, guaranteeing that our showcase aligns seamlessly with your vision. Ultimately, quality is our mission and we guarantee our holiday laser shows to be the highlight of your occasion. We spread cheer all around the country, contact us today to reserve a holiday laser light show!
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