Laser Mapping

In a Dynamic FX laser mapping show, our projector traces with the laser beam with such amazing speed and detail that the resulting outline and surface details come to life. The precision of our lasers can perfectly highlight and dazzle on almost any surface including landscapes such as mountains or even ski slopes. Precisely timed music and our large list of effects will take the show to the next level of entertainment. This unique use of lasers is what your next event needs.

In 2021, we provided our laser mapping services to Scotts Bluff National Monument & the Oregon Trail Community Foundation. They were starting a fund raising campaign for the local communities and t our laser show started off the Ignite Giving Campaign. Dynamic FX created animated sequences into laser graphics and projected them using distributed laser technology, a system designed to handle complicated graphical programming. Using technology to create and achieve complicated yet creative uses for laser shows is what we are known for.

Laser Mapping Mountain - NPS Scotts bluf
Laser Mapping Mountain - NPS Scotts bluf
Geneva NY College Laser Mapping (1)
Geneva NY College Laser Mapping (2)

Laser Mapping Design and Laser Animation

We have worked with so many other well-known companies and organizations in addition to working with National Park Service and Oregon Trail Community Foundation. We have also been internationally recognized and awarded for our work by the International Laser Display Association, as well as achieving the status of being Professionally Accredited by this organization. So, what do you say—would you like to work with one of the best laser light show production companies in the industry? Contact us today to learn more about booking Dynamic FX services. We are located in Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY, but with travel accommodations, we can bring our services to you outside of these locations.


We love to work with you to present a laser mapping show tailored for your event, indoors, or outside.

Laser mapping on National Monument NPS
Laser Mapped Landscape Structure
Laser Mapping on College Building Student Activity
Geneva NY College Laser Mapping on Buildings