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Laser Banding / Laser Beam Floating - Film/TV Effect

Laser banding, or laser beam floating, is the latest visual effects and lighting technology that provides a unique display with which your talent can interact. Because this is shot live on set, no expensive and time-consuming post-production work is required. If you're looking for that new visual effect for your TV show, motion picture/film, music video, or recorded broadcast, look no further than laser banding & beam floating from Dynamic FX.

Dynamic FX employs careful and creat
ive programming between the lasers and the camera shutter to create a beautiful look where our lasers swirl hypnotically and float gracefully in the air when viewed on a TV screen. This service is becoming more frequently sought after in video projects that need something special with their lighting, and Dynamic FX has the experience to take your feature to the next level. Our results speak for themselves - check out our videos below to see the laser beam floating and laser banding effect in action!

On-screen Laser Effects and Lasers on Camera

Dynamic FX has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, delivering some of the best laser banding & beam floating content that has won us numerous awards from the International Laser Display Association and various music video awards. We pride ourselves on employing an efficient and prompt laser team you can trust to make your production spectacular. We strive to use every event as an opportunity to perfect our production execution and laser skills.

At Dynamic FX, our primary goal is client satisfaction, and we are always looking to expand our portfolio. Contact us today to learn more about laser banding and beam floating effects.

Beam floating laser effect coming out of Laser banding
Live laser effect on camera of laser beam floating laser banding
jennifer lopez laser beam floating MTV VMAs laser banding
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