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Festival Lasers

Festival lasers from Dynamic FX pack a punch at any music festival or arts & entertainment event. Illuminate the crowd and electrify the atmosphere with brilliant, full-color lasers from the world's best manufacturers. We provide laser fixtures at various power levels to produce effects such as liquid sky that radiates across any sized indoor or outdoor area and audience scanning that immerses the crowd in colorful laser light. Our festival lasers can be mounted anywhere around a stage as bold production elements, or as subtle exotic accents in the venue for your guests' enjoyment.

Festival Lasers | Rebelution - Point Break, Virginia Beach, VA 2024

Festival Lasers | Rebelution - Point Break, Virginia Beach, VA 2024

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Lasers for Music Festivals and Concerts

Our compact yet resilient festival lasers have been trusted globally for tours and live music events. Renowned for their power and precision, we only provide quality laser projectors that amplify the stage presence. Let Dynamic FX's festival lasers elevate the live music experience, infusing the crowd with a captivating and unforgettable spectacle of vibrant, multicolored light and leaving your audience in awe as the laser light weaves an extra dimension into the performance.

Your audience will be astonished as we amplify the immersion with music by synchronizing lasers to audio, either with manual control or automated via timecode. Our expert designers present dazzling laser light show effects from fully custom-built workspaces that set us apart from our competition. Whether our technicians operate the lasers or only oversee technical details, we can work with any crew and equipment to integrate the lasers with the production.

Dynamic FX takes pride in our contributions to major music and arts festivals, music videos, prestigious award ceremonies, and live broadcasts, solidifying our reputation as the go-to choice for impactful laser displays. With award-winning laser light shows from the International Laser Display Association (ILDA), we have proven to be a top contender in the industry. We're confident our festival lasers will be the highlight of your event, contact us to create excitement at your next music festival!

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