Laser Beam Floating / Laser Banding - Film/TV Effect

Need that new effect for you TV, motion picture/film, or music video? Dynamic FX has you covered! The latest in visual effects that your talent can interact with and provides a unique display that requires no post editing is here, and we can help you on your next shoot. Laser beam floating, or as its sometimes refereed to as "laser banding" is becoming more and more frequent in video shoots that need that little extra. Because these effects are shot live, not expensive post production work is required.

Careful and creative programming with lasers to synchronize with the shutter on your camera will make our beautiful lasers swirl and beams float in the air. Dynamic FX has performed this laser banding effect multiple times on live TV, recorded film and for music videos. Let our creative laser team come and show you the latest in live effects!

Check out the video below of our beam floating in action with Mexican pop superstars Thalia, Sofia Reyes, and Farina!

On-screen Laser Effects and Lasers on Camera

Dynamic FX has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, delivering them some of the best laser content that has won us numerous awards from the International Laser Display Association as well as various music video awards. Our professional laser team stops at nothing to make sure we deliver the very best for your video shoot. We pride ourselves as being the onsite laser team you don't have to wait on. We accurately setup our lasers in timely manner making sure we time to provide the very best in stunning laser visuals for laser banding.


At Dynamic FX, our primary goal is client satisfaction, and we always want to expand our portfolio with you. During this time, we like to use every event as an opportunity to perfect our production execution and laser skills. So, go ahead and contact us today to learn more about working with our professional and diligent team of laser designers and laser technicians. You can find Dynamic FX in Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY. If you’re not in one those areas, don’t fret; with travel accommodations, we can bring our services to you outside of these locations!

Live laser effect on camera of laser beam floating laser banding
Beam floating laser effect coming out of Laser banding
jennifer lopez laser beam floating MTV VMAs laser banding