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Laser Light Shows in Cincinnati, Ohio


Dynamic FX is a leading provider of laser light shows, rentals, and special effects in Cincinnati, OH, and nearby areas, such as Dayton, Hamilton, Chillicothe, and Portsmouth. Our professional laser light shows make a remarkable statement at any occasion or special event, including civic and municipal gatherings, corporate functions, private parties, concerts, and more. We only choose from the world's best brands of full-color RGB laser systems to maximize quality and safety, ensuring your show is vibrant and stunning.
We can work with your budget to accommodate as few as one or as many as dozens of lasers in any venue, large or small, indoors and outdoors. Our light show displays are highly customizable and can include effects such as bright laser beams and "liquid sky" lighting, drawing attention to prominent areas of structures and landscapes with illuminated features, painting logos, text, graphics, and artistic patterns onto surfaces, and making laser light float or levitate on a TV screen. Dynamic FX employs expert designers and technicians who handle all setup and safety concerns, allowing you to focus on other hosting and management tasks while guaranteeing your event will be remembered for years.

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Concert Lasers in Cincinnati, Ohio


Dynamic FX provides concert lasers that thrill the audience and electrify the energy at your Cincinnati live music event. When our laser light show blazes across the venue in unison with the music, you will hear gasps, cheers, and roars rippling through the crowd. Our high-powered concert lasers, designed to be compact and durable for touring and rigorous environments, set a professional atmosphere on the stage and add an extraordinary layer of lighting to your indoor or outdoor space that other equipment cannot match.

Dynamic FX is recognized internationally as a professional laser show company you can trust to help create excitement. Our proficient staff can work independently or with existing production crews to operate lasers or assist with technical duties. Contact us today to discover how Dynamic FX can make your Cincinnati concert unforgettable.

Cincinnati Ohio Laser Light Show
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Cincinnati Ohio Concert Lasers
Cincinnati Ohio Rainbow Laser Beams
Cincinnati Ohio Custom Laser Show
Cincinnati Ohio Concert Laser Light Show
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