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Laser Light Shows in Memphis, Tennessee

Dynamic FX is an award-winning provider of laser light shows, rentals, and special effects in Memphis, TN, and all nearby towns, including Jackson, Bartlett, Arlington, and Collierville. We maintain an inventory of the world's best full-color, high-powered lasers to perform a laser light show in any venue, indoor or outdoor, small or large. Whether you're hosting a civic or municipal gathering, corporate conference, concert, festival, or another special event, we have years of experience and training to create excitement and memories for your guests.

Our team of adept laser designers and technicians will execute effects that can include brilliant, crisp laser beams and liquid sky lighting overhead, accenting contours and illuminating features on structures and landscapes, painting fixed or animated graphics, logos, patterns, and text onto surfaces, and even making laser light float or levitate on a TV screen. In addition, we place safety as our top priority, and we handle all compliance paperwork before each laser light show.

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Concert Lasers in Memphis, TN


Dynamic FX is a provider of premium concert lasers in Memphis that set your stage apart and amplify the crowd's energy. Our professional staff can operate independently or coordinate with other production crews to execute a laser light show that, when carefully synchronized with live music, bathes the audience in light and immerses them in the performance. Our advanced concert lasers can tolerate all sorts of environmental conditions and are lightweight and compact, making them the most reliable choice for concerts and tours around the globe.

Dynamic FX has been honored to provide lasers for some of the world's most significant music and arts festivals, music videos, awards ceremonies, and live broadcast shows. We can work in an
y venue, whether you need one laser or dozens. Let the experts at Dynamic FX take your Memphis concert to the next level; contact us today to learn more about booking our services.

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