Special Event Laser Show Charlotte, North Carolina

Dynamic FX offers special event laser shows in Charlotte, NC. We also provide for the Charlotte metro area, including but not limited to Asheville, Raleigh, and Greensborough and all of North Carolina. Merging our experience and your vision our team will assist you from start to end producing an astonishing special event laser show.


Dynamic FX will provide an unexpected and joy inducing experience that you attendees will enjoy. Dynamic FX’s special event lasers will create a blanket of visual entertainment with overhead beams, laser logos, and text based messages displayed. Dynamic FX goes above and beyond in bringing your ideas to life. Let our highly talented laser staff know what your needs are and they will exceed your expectations. Your laser light show will be created to suit the taste and style of your special events. We supply the finest special event lasers that are capable of beautiful laser displays for your special event.

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PNC Music Pavillion Charlotte, NC Laser
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Concert Laser Show at The Fillmore
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Concert Laser show Charlotte, North Carolina

Concerts are very upbeat events, and Dynamic FX specializes in creating excitement. Music is crucial to get people out of the house to attend concerts and live shows, but how do you enhance their experience once the show has begun? Our concert lasers are an awe inspiring way to fulfill your audience’s desire for entertainment and add something memorable for the concert. Our top notch lasers will display space with a laser light show that will surpass the expectations for visual simulation for your audiences. It will transform any music event into an impressive and extraordinary concert experience. Allow your concert guests a way to experience the music visually with a laser show that is executed in coordination to the music perfectly. Dynamic FX has worked some of the top music special events in the U.S. and has been endowed with the trust it takes to perform from live TV to tens of thousands attendees at large concert events.

Charlotte Convention Center Special Event Lasers
Lasers and Balloon Drop For Special Event
PNC Music Pavillion Charlotte, NC Laser Show
Concert Laser Show at The Fillmore
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