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Laser Light Shows in Cleveland, Ohio


Dynamic FX is a leading provider of laser light shows, rentals, and special effects in Cleveland, OH, and nearby areas, including Sandusky, Toledo, Akron, Canton, Warren, and Youngstown. Our professional team will work with you from start to finish to present a laser light show guaranteed to amaze your guests and create lasting memories at your special event or concert. We only choose world-class premium full-color RGB lasers to achieve exceptional results and maximum client satisfaction.

Our award-winning laser shows can be displayed in any venue, big or small, whether you're hosting a concert, corporate function, civic or municipal gathering, holiday party, or other special events. Some of our impressive effects include soaring aerial laser beams and sheets of light, animated or static patterns, graphics, text, and logos on surfaces, accented prominent features on structures, objects, or landscapes, and floating laser light on a TV screen. In addition, we place safety as our top priority and manage all permits, licenses, and compliance matters.

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Concert Lasers in Cleveland, Ohio


Concert lasers from Dynamic FX can be an extraordinary addition to any Cleveland venue, whether you need one laser or one hundred. Our compact, durable, and high-powered laser equipment boosts the presence of stages and produces a brilliant, multicolored laser light show that dazzles the audience. Your guests will roar with energy when crisp laser beams and bright, vibrant waves of light pulse above and around them in sync with live music.

Our professional technicians and operators can handle all on-stage assembly and control of our lasers or assist other lighting and creative crews. Dynamic FX has years in the live music and production industry and is trusted to perform on TV broadcasts worldwide. So don't hesitate to contact us today for concert lasers at your next Cleveland concert or special event.

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Laser Light Show at Concert in Cleveland, OH
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