Special Event Lasers Denver, Colorado


Dynamic FX brings event lasers to Denver, CO; we work with you to bring special event lasers to your event from the start to the finish. We service all of Colorado including, Colorado Springs, Telluride, Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, and Aurora. Dynamic FX can handle large special events and small special events. We will create a live laser show for Clubs, Private Events, Corporate Events, festivals, and Concerts. If you need a single laser or one hundred lasers, we can deliver the RGB lasers you want for your special event.

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Special Event Concert Lasers Denver, CO.
Shpongle Psychedelic Concert Laser Show
Red Rocks EDM Concert Lasers Denver, Col
Fillmore Auditorium Concert Special FX L
Concert Special Event Laser Show Civic E
Denver Colorado Special Event SFX Corper
Denver Colorado Special Event Lasers Str
Ball Arena Concert Laser Show Denver, CO
Private Party Special Event Laser Light

Concert Lasers Denver, Colorado


Our high-powered concert laser systems are the industry standard, known for bright laser looks that stand out at any concert. Our concert laser equipment takes up a small footprint, is always ready and is super reliable. Dynamic FX only stocks trust worthy concert lasers to ensure client satisfaction.


People come to concerts for the music but what makes some live music events more successful than others? Entertainment value. How many times does your audience cheer or gasp during your live concert? Laser shows are guaranteed wow-factor. Concert lasers set an atmosphere of excitement. Dynamic FX’s high power RGB lasers fly overhead with a laser light show that your audience will feast their eyes on. It will be a profound live concert experience as attendees are immersed in concert or festival laser lights. Your audience will be able to “see” music with a laser light show that is performed live to the music overhead. We at Dynamic FX have satisfied some of the largest live music events with our laser light shows and been broadcasted nationally on TV too massive audiences in the tens of thousands.


Special Event Concert Laser light show Denver, CO.
Red Rocks EDM Concert Lasers Denver, Colorado
Ball Arena Concert Laser Show Denver, CO
Ski Resort Concert Special Event Laser Show
Denver Colorado civic Event Laser show
Vail Colorado Special Event ski resort laser show
Fillmore Auditorium Concert Special effects laser show L
Breckenridge Special Event Laser Light show
Shpongle Psychedelic Concert Laser Show