Special Event Lasers Los Angeles, California


With so many other special events going on in Los Angeles how do you make yours unique? Dynamic FX recommends our high-powered laser show for your special event. Many people agree that Dynamic FX is comparable to none in the way we execute our professional laser light shows and laser effects. Our laser light displays get people in your audience talking about how truly spectacular the whole event is. Special event audiences love creative entertainment like our laser light shows at special events because it moves and inspires them as they see the laser light happily dance to the music at your specialty event. Dynamic FX has been honored to provide lasers for some of the biggest music festivals, arts festivals, celebrities, and broadcasted shows. Not only do we provide laser light shows to Los Angeles and the metro LA area such as Burbank, Long Beach and Santa Clarita. We are also able to provide laser light shows all over California such as Burbank, Long Beach, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and Santa Clarita.

Dynamic FX takes pride in tailoring our high-powered lasers to be a custom fit to your special event. Special event lasers are always cool but they’re even cooler when we work with you to incorporate them into your event in a designed and intentional way. Give us a logo and we will have it drawn out in lasers, or have test written in laser light, give us a set or an object that you want to be the center of attention and we’ll trace it with lasers. You thought video mapping was cool? Laser mapping will really put a designer spin on your focal pieces. Our highly trained special event laser technicians will show up prepared to get information from you about your desires and ideas so our laser light show can serve its best purpose for your event. It doesn’t matter what type of event your special event is we can help you see why lasers are the best way to dazzle guests no matter your budget.


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Concert Lasers Los Angeles, California


Entertainers and entertainment that you advertise are what brings people to your Los Angeles event. Often music artists or other specialty acts are the key to making an audience show up to an event. After you’ve drawn people into your concert, tour, club, festival, civic event or live music show. But what do you do to make them want more of your production? They’ve seen lighting and video displays before so Dynamic FX recommends that our high-powered concert lasers and special effects are what create a memorable atmosphere that stimulates concert attendees and makes them feel like they had an experience that stands out to them. If you’re not sure where RGB laser lights can fit into your event contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect application. Our high-powered concert lasers are much more engaging to! Your guests are immersed in a field of concert laser light that dances synchronized to the music.


We hear time and time again how surprised people are at the difference concert laser lights make at their live event. They don’t expect the wow factors we provide to induce audible responses from their audience at their live event but when they hear the cheers and wows when the lasers flash through the sky or room but we always come through with our high-powered concert lasers. You can hear the laser display at your live show engage the audience and create wonderment and excitement as people dance or stand under the lasers.

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