Special Events Lasers Louisville, Kentucky


Dynamic FX is a trusted laser light show provider that is ready to excite special event attendees in Louisville, Kentucky as well as the metro area of Louisville, Kentucky. We also can provide special event lasers and laser shows to Lexington, Bowling Green, and the “Tri-cities region.” We proudly serve events of all styles by collaborating with you to convey your ideas through our laser light displays.


We provide everything we need to make our RGB special event laser lights a hit at your gathering. We handle all the paperwork and permits and make adding special event laser lights to your event a stress free ordeal. After we’ve gotten you situated with your special event laser show package your laser show moves on to great hands. Our exceptional special event laser technicians are able to set up the special events lasers efficiently, operate the laser show to your notes or to the music safely and then they break the lasers all down and pack them away. No hassle for you or your show. Our professional technicians have years of experience in the special events field and can provide you top tier special event laser show design. Our award-winning laser shows are available for purchase as well. You can find them on YouTube on the Dynamic Lasers channel. We refuse to work with anything but the highest quality equipment because we have seen the difference between many high-power laser brands and think that it’s important that your special event audience gets the most brilliant laser show display. Our laser shows will help set your event aside from others and really make people feel like they’re experiencing something new.

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Concert Lasers Louisville, Kentucky


Dynamic FX has concert lasers that are bright and brilliant. The high-powered concert lasers can produce a wide variety of colors, patterns images and flashes. The deigns that come out of our concert lasers will make your audience stare in amazement. They will feel excited when the concert laser beams flow over head and envelop them in the concert show experience.

Laser light shows are a cost effective way to make people want to return to your live event. The concert laser lights are so dazzling that people can’t help but want to see them again. We love the challenge of creating a concert experience like no other with our concert laser lights. We use the best live show lasers available because we believe in making your live event as spectacular as we can and you deserve to know we’re going to show up with laser show equipment that’s going to make your concert or live show successful.

Louisville Kentucky Palace Theatre Concert Laser light show
Special Event Lasers Priavte Party Louisville KY
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