Special Event Laser Show Miami, Florida


Miami is one of the hottest places in the country for night life, special events and clubs. Dynamic FX excels at enhancing experiences and adding just the right mood to your special events. We service the Miami Florida metro area as well including West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. Dynamic FX can service Orlando, Cape Canaveral, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Saint Petersburg. We will bring an impressive laser light show to any special event in Florida. Our Laser Technicians doubles as special event laser artists as they create your laser show ideas with our powerful laser software at your special event. Our special event laser show experts can also operate the lasers in sync with the music, project laser logos, written text or trace objects with lasers much like video mapping but with a little more dazzle. These are forward thinking methods of using special event lasers.

You will not believe what is happening right before your very eyes when our lasers turn on. The special event audience will notice how innovative your event is. The special event lasers are just so captivating and fun to stand or dance under! The special event lasers we have are high powered and they pack a punch in any atmosphere. At some events we have to turn them down so they don’t outshine other production aspects! We want you to come up with your wildest laser show dreams so we can make them happen at your special event.

It's time to talk to us and make sure we are at your next event! Contact us now!

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Concert Lasers Show Miami, Florida


Live music concert events are thrilling. Live music concert brings people together and creates community and allows people to share moments. Those aspects are important to getting people to show up to your concert or club but how do you get them to return? RGB concert lasers made for live events are sure to grab the attention of your patrons and make them appreciate the effort you put into creating a stimulating environment for them. Concert laser beams fly overhead and make the audience feel like they are inside of the laser show experience at your live concert; they do not just feel like they're attending a concert experience. Your live show audience will remember that connection they feel with our bright high-powered lasers at your live event. Our impressive lasers displays are reliable and will excite your music event concert audience. Dynamic FX knows how to satisfy the audience and you with our breath-taking laser light shows. Our professionalism is incomparable. Provide safe concert laser experiences that make you feel like your show is in good hands. Lasers allow your audience to “see” the music over their heads. Our high-powered concert lasers are capable of a wide variety of patterns, images, colors, and designs. Dynamic FX has work hard over the past decade and more to perfect the laser shows that we deliver to you. We have been trusted with major music festivals, broadcasts on major networks, tours, major club installs and everything in between.

Special Event Laser Installation in Miami Club
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