Special Event Laser Show Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Laser light shows at special events and gatherings are an aesthetic way of exhilarating your guests at your show. Dynamic FX has everything necessary to bring our high-powered special event lasers to your special event in Milwaukee, WI. We also service Madison and Green Bay and anywhere else in Wisconsin. If you want lasers for your party, conference, or live show all you have to do is call us. Don’t know where laser lights will fit in to your special event? We can help you realize the true potential of our special event RGB lasers at your event!

Your special event should stand out. The attendees should want to pay attention to the details you’ve enlisted for your show or gathering. Bright laser shows can bring joy and creativity to your special event in so many ways. The best part is it’s your creativity breathed into our special event laser light shows. We will outdo your expectations for special event lasers at your special event. Our high-powered laser equipment can create any design or image you can imagine. Or if you’re too busy to input our technicians with years of experience in laser design will know how to make the special event lasers light show move with the music and the mood of the room at your special event. Not only can our special event laser beams cover the entirety of your special event venue. We can also make logos in laser light allowing for advertisement opportunities, we can write text in lasers or “laser map” an object which is where we trace the outline of it with lasers and project lasers on to your object.

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Concert Lasers Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Our high powered concert lasers can amplify the excitement at your concert of live show. Dynamic FX exceeds expectations when it comes to riling a crowd and bringing some energy into you live concert. Audiences cheer and wow as our laser lights sprawl through the air of your concert venue. Our RGB concert lasers make the attendees at your live show or live music event feel like they are looking at the music float above them as our immersive laser shows go on. We bring the highest quality live concert laser shows to every live concert event because you and your show audience should really experience nothing but the best laser show at your concerts and live events. We pick the best high-power laser brands and best laser software brands and hire the most capable laser technicians because us bringing our best laser show helps you cultivate the best live music show or concert experience. Your concert audience or show attendees deserve to see some lasers!

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Special Event Laser Show in Milwaukee