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Laser Light Shows in Montreal, Quebec

Dynamic FX offers laser light shows and rentals for special events in Montreal, Quebec, and the nearby areas of Quebec City, Laval, Granby, and Sherbrooke. Our professional laser designers and technicians will work with you throughout your event or concert to create a mesmerizing and stimulating laser light experience. We only maintain an inventory of the world's best brands in laser technology to ensure maximum quality and safety.
When you book with Dynamic FX, our full-color RGB special event lasers will paint the air at your venue with laser beams and sheets of light or a surface with client/sponsor logos, text-based messages, and illuminated contours with laser mapping. We can even make laser light appear to float or levitate on a TV screen! Whatever the application, Dynamic FX has the expertise to turn your dreams into reality.

We love Canada! Contact us to learn more about our premium services today!

Concert Lasers in Montreal, Quebec

High-powered concert lasers from Dynamic FX are a formidable way to connect your audience with the performance at your Montreal event. A laser light show envelops the venue with color and adds another layer of immersion when fired to match live music. Our world-class laser projectors provide an extra element of professionalism for your stage.

Our team of proficient designers and technicians has the talent to create excitement for your crowds; they can work independently or with a crew of existing lighting and production professionals. Dynamic FX has worked on some of the most significant music special events in the US and is trusted to perform on live TV to tens of thousands of attendees at major concerts and festivals. Let the laser light show professionals at Dynamic FX take your Montreal concert to the next level.

Canadian artist Deadmau5 at Gold Rush Music Festival
Red Laser Beams - BTSM Tour
Canadian artists BTSM Church Logo with Laser Beam Bars
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