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Laser Show Special Event New Orleans, Louisiana


Louisiana special events are just the right place for special FX. Dynamic FX is a laser show company that has all the tools you need to put on a crowd pleasing laser light show at your special event in New Orleans. Our exciting laser lights are ideal for any occasion professional, familiar or friendly. Fun for all ages and infinitely entertaining no matter the audience our special event lasers bring smiles and cheers wherever we go. 


Our high-tech lasers are bright, highly programmable, and reliable; Guaranteeing that we can accomplish what you have in mind for your affair. NOLA rants and raves about the lasers Dynamic FX supplies for parties. We always hear how impressed our clients are with the outcome of our laser light shows. We also often hear feedback mentioning how easy the process is for our clients to hire us to do special event laser shows from start to finish. Whether you hire Dynamic FX to do an aerial laser show, beam floating, laser mapping of a surface or laser graphics we will make sure your special event lasers are just that….special.

Ready to talk about adding us to your next event? Contact us now!

New Orleans College Laser Show
Laser Light Show New Orleans Louisiana
Laser Light show in louisiana
Green lasers in New Orleans louisiana
New Orleans Lasers
New Orleans Louisiana Laser Show Company

Concert Laser Lights New Orleans, Louisiana


Creating excitement is what Dynamic FX does best. Concerts in New Orleans are always more exciting with our concert laser lights. Looking to bring your production value up? Laser light shows are guaranteed to enhance your show and wow your audience. Our professional laser technicians set up the equipment, make sure the laser lights stay in sync with the music, and break down the equipment so your concert laser light show experience is easy on you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a distinct creative edge in your concert experience. Call Dynamic FX to book your concert laser light show in New Orleans, Louisiana now!

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