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Laser Light Shows in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Dynamic FX is a premium provider of laser light shows, rentals, and special effects in Oklahoma City, OK, and the state of Oklahoma, including Tulsa, Norman, Broken Arrow, Lawton, and Elk City. As a premier laser light show company, we provide unparalleled full-color RGB laser projectors and laser shows designed to accommodate venues of any size, both indoors and outdoors, for a wide range of special events - whether it's corporate functions, civic and municipal gatherings, private parties, festivals, or concerts. At the heart of our operations lie safety and quality, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience for your guests. Whether you require a single laser or a multitude, we take care of all necessary compliance paperwork and offer expert guidance to curate a thrilling and unforgettable laser light experience tailored to your event.

Renowned as the industry standard, our laser systems boast unparalleled brilliance that outshines the competition, captivating audiences with their dazzling displays. Our team of expert designers and technicians excels in creating a myriad of effects, from igniting the sky with vibrant laser beams and cascading sheets of multicolored light, to projecting animated or static logos, graphics, patterns, and text onto surfaces. We skillfully illuminate prominent areas and accentuate the contours of structures and landscapes, pushing the boundaries of imagination. Moreover, we specialize in the enchanting technique of making laser light seemingly float in midair on a TV screen. With Dynamic FX, the possibilities for your laser light show are endless, placing the power to create unforgettable experiences right at your fingertips.

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Concert Lasers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Dynamic FX concert lasers herald the future of live entertainment for Oklahoma City audiences. Infuse your crowd with an atmosphere of boundless energy through a laser light show seamlessly synchronized to the music, enveloping spectators in the heart of the performance. Our robust, lightweight laser projectors are tailor-made for touring, ensuring mobility without compromising on durability, while their compact design adds a touch of professionalism to any stage.

Our versatile team can independently operate and assemble lasers or seamlessly integrate with existing production crews. With international acclaim, Dynamic FX has left its mark on some of the most iconic concerts, festivals, music videos, live productions, and TV broadcasts, reaching millions worldwide. Contact us to elevate your next Oklahoma special event with laser light show services from Dynamic FX and unleash unparalleled excitement!

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