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If you are seeking a way to entertain or inspire a crowd at any type of special event in Nebraska look no further! Dynamic FX presents light shows and laser light effects in Omaha, Lincoln, and Bellevue.  It doesn’t matter where your special event is located in Nebraska we can and will supply your special event with high-powered special event lasers.

Our high power special event lasers will help you make you gathering memorable. People will remember your event and what it meant to them when they reflect on what they saw at your special event and laser shows are always something that sticks in people’s memories. Professional laser technicians brought in by us will work with you to capture what you want to see from the special event lasers at your special event.

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Concert Lasers in Omaha, Nebraska


Lasers are the future of concert entertainment. Everyone has seen video used as a means of enhancing live experiences but laser light shows are still seldom seen despite being a production aspect that never really stops being as cool as it was the first time you saw it. Your talent is what brings people to the venue but what makes them want to come back for more? The value you add to their experience on top of that first layer of concert experience creation. RGB concert Lasers are a great addition to you live music event or venue to enhance the audience's night. Dynamic FX’s bright concert lasers will make them remember and talk about your live concert.

Dynamic FX only uses the most trusted brands in the laser industry to ensure you and your live concert attendees get their money’s worth out of our concert laser shows. We want to enchant your live event guests with a moving laser light show and make you feel like you brought your A game to the concert experience you’re trying to provide. Concert lasers are a really great way of satisfying everyone at your event.

Concert Laser Show at Slowdown Omaha, Ne
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