Special Event Laser show Ottawa, Ontario

Dynamic FX offers special event laser shows in Ottawa, ON. We also service all of Ontario and the Ottawa metro area. Dynamic FX will work with you, and your team from day one to the completion of the special event creating a very exceptional special event laser show for your concert or special event.


Dynamic FX will provide an astonishing experience that will fascinate and excite your audience. Our special event high power lasers will slice through the air of your venue with lasers beams, laser drawn logos, and even text. We make sure our team can do just about anything you can visualize! Let our expert laser gurus know what your vision is and they will make your dreams come to life. It is undoubtedly your personally made laser light show. Dynamic FX uses top shelf professional special event lasers so whatever you can dream up we can make it happen for you and your special event.

Concert Laser Ottawa, Ontario

Concerts are very electrifying special events, and Dynamic FX “laser focuses” in creating excitement. Music is a major draw to get guests to attend shows, concerts, and live shows. But how does one energize and make an unforgettable concert for these concert goers when they arrive the venue? A quality and high power concert laser is a great way to mesmerize your attendees and to make an extra impressive component for the concert. Dynamic FX will provide for you and your concert the appearance of a professional produced production, and will astound the audience of your concert. Concert lasers will transform any live music event into a remarkable and unforgettable concert experience. Make your concert spectators envisage the music with a laser light show that is presented and matched to the music. Dynamic FX has worked some of the biggest music special events in the U.S. and has been trusted to perform from live TV to tens of thousands attendees at large concert events.