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Laser Light Shows in Ottawa, Ontario

Dynamic FX offers laser light shows, rentals, and special effects in Ottawa, Ontario, and nearby areas, including Kingston, Brockville, and North Bay. Our production professionals will work with you and your team from day one to the completion of your special event to create an outstanding laser light show and leave your guests excited. We provide mesmerizing experiences with the world's best full-color RGB laser projectors that can slice through the air of your venue with laser beams, sheets of light, precision-drawn logos, animated graphics, and text messages. We can even make laser light float or levitate in midair on a TV screen!

Dynamic FX only chooses top-shelf professional laser technology to ensure maximum client satisfaction and the venue's and patrons' safety. Our expert team of laser light show designers and technicians will guarantee that all shows are safe and legally compliant and will do whatever it takes to turn your creative dream into reality.

We love Canada! Contact us to learn more about our premium services today!

Concert Lasers in Ottawa, Ontario

A quality and high-powered concert laser from Dynamic FX is a great way to mesmerize your Ottawa audience and add an impressive component to the production and a professional feature to the stage. Our world-class concert lasers will transform any live music event into a remarkable and unforgettable experience. Your spectators will visualize the music with a laser light show presented and matched to the audio.

Dynamic FX has worked on some of the most significant music special events in the US and is trusted to perform on live TV to tens of thousands of attendees at major concerts and festivals. Our expert staff can work alone or with a crew of other production and lighting professionals. We work efficiently and with utmost attention to detail to create excitement at any Ottawa special event!

Red Laser Beams - BTSM Tour
Canadian artist Deadmau5 at Gold Rush Music Festival
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