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Special Event Laser show Portland, Oregon

Dynamic FX offers special event laser shows in Portland, Oregon. We also service the Portland metro area, including Salem, Eugene, Vancouver, and Hillsboro. We will work with the team from start to finish producing a truly outstanding special event laser show experience for your special event laser show.


Dynamic FX will provide an unexpected and astonishing experience that will hypnotize and fascinate your audience. Dynamic FX’s special event lasers will soar through the air of your venue with stunning lasers, client laser logos, and text based messages displayed. We can and will do just about everything you can envision! Let our highly talented laser techs know what your needs are and they will make your visualization come to life. It is most undoubtedly your own crafted laser light show. We supply the finest special event lasers so anything you can picture we can do for you and your special event.

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Concert Lasers Portland, Oregon

Concerts are very exhilarating events, and Dynamic FX specializes in creating excitement. Music is vital to get people to attend concerts and live shows, but how do you inspire them once they arrive at the venue? Our concert lasers is a mighty way to mesmerize your audience and to make something memorable for the live concert. Our high quality lasers will fill the event space or venue with a laser light show that will visually inspire your audiences. It will transform any music event into a striking and remembered concert experience. Provide your concert guests a way to visualize the music with a laser show that is presented and coordinated to the music perfectly. Dynamic FX has worked some of the biggest music special events in the U.S. and has been trusted to perform from live TV to tens of thousands attendees at large concert events.

McMenamins Crystal Ballroom Special Effect Laser Show
Portland, OR Special Event Laser Light Show
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Aladdin Theater Special Event Lasers Portland OR
Revolution Hall Concert Laser Lights Portland Oregon
Unique Special Event Laser Light Show in Portland OR