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Laser Light Shows in Portland, Oregon

Dynamic FX is a leading provider of laser light shows, rentals, and special effects in Portland, OR, and the Portland metro areas, including Vancouver - Canada, Hillsboro, Salem, and Eugene. Our laser light shows help create memorable experiences at special events, including corporate functions, civic and municipal gatherings, concerts, festivals, and private parties. Our production company focuses on safety and quality and only uses the world's best full-color RGB laser systems to ensure exceptional results and satisfied clients.

We can work with you during planning to customize a laser light experience to your taste. Impress your guests with a bold centerpiece of laser light, or set the mood with artistic lighting accents in your venue. Our effects include soaring laser beams in the sky, illuminated outlines and details on a structure or landscape, drawing logos, artwork, text, or animations onto a surface, and even floating laser light on a TV screen. No matter the size or shape of your event space, Dynamic FX can provide as few as one or as many as dozens of lasers to astonish your audience and set your event apart. 

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Concert Lasers in Portland, Oregon

Dynamic FX provides concert lasers that deliver unparalleled optical stimulation for your Portland audience. A laser light show conducted on time with live music immerses the audience in the performance as it blazes through the venue, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere and an unforgettable entertainment experience. Develop your stage with professionalism using our high-powered concert lasers built to endure the trials of touring yet also lightweight and compact to equip anywhere.

Our designers and technicians can assemble and operate lasers independently or assist an existing production team in creating a laser light show experience that amplifies the crowd. Dynamic FX has spent years in the special events and live production industry and has worked on many significant concerts and music festivals, as well as with several well-known artists worldwide. Contact us today to reserve a laser light show and special effects services for your next Portland concert!

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