Special Event Lasers Salt Lake City, Utah


Dynamic FX displays exceptional special event laser shows to Salt Lake City, UT and the SLC metro area as well as other parts of Utah including Park City, Moab, Snowbird, Ogden, Sundance, and Provo. Our expert special event laser services allow you to entertain your special event guests with our high-powered lasers without you having to lift a finger. Our Salt Lake City Special Event Laser shows are a forward-thinking way of entertaining or engaging your guests whether you’re hosting a conference, a celebration, or a civic event.


We purchase the best laser systems for special events and keep the laser show equipment well maintained so Dynamic FX can be confident that we will not let you and your event guests down at your special event or show. We care about your event and want you to feel like it served every purpose your event was supposed to. Dynamic FX feels like our high-powered special event lasers can help you achieve that. You tell our well-equipped laser operator what you would like to see from our professional laser equipment and he will translate your thoughts and ideas into laser beams coming from our special event lasers.

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Park City Ski Resort Entertainment Laser
The Depot Professional Concert Laser Lig
The Gallivan Center Concert Lasers
Metro Music Hall Salt Lake City, UT Brig
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Live Concert Lasers Salt Lake City, Utah


Live concerts and Dynamic FX’s high-powered live concert lasers go hand in hand. Once you’ve experienced a live show with our full color concert lasers you won’t want to experience your concert without lasers ever again. Dynamic FX can create a live concert laser package that will fit your budget and satisfy your live concert entertainment needs. Our concert lasers can project any color, shape or design you can imagine making it easy to find the right place for concert lasers in your live Salt Lake City based show.


Whether we use lasers to shoot through the air, draw logos or images, trace surfaces or write text you’ll be happy you made the choice to go with our trusted laser systems. Dynamic FX has provided concert lasers for major music festivals, popular American celebrities, and massive live broadcasts. We’ll wow you and your concert audience with our live concert lasers and make it as hard as we possibly can for you to not want concert lasers at your next live event.

Corperate Entertainment Special Event Laser Show Salt Lake City
The Depot Professional Concert Laser Light Show SLC Utah
Laser Light Show at Snowbird Ski resort alta Utah
Metro Music Hall Salt Lake City, UT Laser Show
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Park City Ski Resort Entertainment Laser Show