Special Event Laser Show San Jose, California


Special event Laser light shows are the cutting edge of special event entertainment technology. Dynamic FX provides laser light shows to San Jose, CA and surrounding areas of California such as Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Fremont, and Santa Cruz. Your special event serves a purpose and Dynamic FX is here to support you with special event laser light shows to help serve the purpose of your special event. Our high-powered lasers are the perfect addition to your event without beating up your special event budget.

Our high quality equipment is sure to deliver you the best looking special event laser show you and your guests have ever seen. If you and your guests haven’t seen a special event laser show then you are in for a treat at your show. We make magic with our laser beams floating over head to the beat of the music. Laser light shows at special events can entertain people for hours. It never gets old staring at the laser light show during a San Jose Special Event.

We would love to chat about your next event with lasers! Contact Us today.

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Concert Laser San Jose, California


Dynamic FX has the brightest and most beautiful concert lasers available to you for your live concert. Your guests will feel a buzz from the energy of the crowd at your live music event when they go wild for our live concert laser show. In sync with the music and designed to match your concert our concert laser lights will be the perfect addition to the live experience you’re trying to create.

Concert Laser shows take talent and knowledge to do right and our highly experienced concert laser technicians have all the tools and experience it takes to make laser light shows a success at your live event. Dynamic FX believe bonding over music experiences is one of the best feelings in life and we like to use our laser light shows at live concerts to bring people together to give them something to chatter about during your live show.  Our professional concert laser equipment blows the competitions laser equipment out of the water. We use the most advance concert laser system technology because we’ve seen the difference between high quality concert laser shows and low quality laser shows and Dynamic FX does not believe in disappointing people with our laser light shows at live concerts.

Special Event Corperate Party laser light show
San Jose CA Special Event Laser show
SAP Center at San Jose Concert Laser show
Shoreline Ampitheatre Concert Laser show
San Jose California Laser Show Special Event
Concert Laser Light Shows at San Jose California