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Laser Light Shows in Washington, DC


Dynamic FX offers laser light shows for special events and live productions in Washington, DC, and the DC metro area, including Annapolis, Arlington, Alexandria, and Bethesda. We provide rentals and installations of the world's most high-powered full-color RGB laser show projectors that include a professional team who will work with you and your clients from the ground up to make your event worth remembering. Even better, our experts will handle any licenses and permits required, and our quality laser light systems ensure your shows and productions are safe.


Our company's world-class laser light show projectors can shoot blazing beams and fluid fans of color and illuminance over the heads of your event's guests. They can paint hypnotic patterns onto walls and surfaces, or they can display logos and artwork of your choice. In addition, our expert design technicians can trace highlighting outlines on objects and structures, drawing attention to their beauty with laser lights. Regardless of the application, Dynamic FX aims to create a visual adventure for the audiences of your next conference, celebration, or any project you can imagine when you rent our lasers.


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Concert Lasers in Washington, DC


Concerts with lasers from Dynamic FX are the key to mind-blowing entertainment in Washington, DC. Your artists bring people to the show, but laser lights are the element you need to keep them thriving and wanting more. Powerful concert lasers are a perfect layer to your live music concert or venue, adding life and energy to the audience's experience. Our bright full-color concert lasers and the outstanding team will make them remember your live concert event for a lifetime.

Dynamic FX only uses the industry-standard brands in the laser world to guarantee you and your concert crowd safely get their minds blown with our laser light shows. Our advanced laser technology is compact for stages and durable for travel while remaining affordable for rental and installation. We want to enthrall your concert guests and make them feel like you delivered the most phenomenal experience they will be discussing for years, so contact us to order a laser light show from Dynamic FX!

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